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  • To get a quote for a charter flight, we will need the following information:

    • Date and time of flight
    • Itinerary
    • Type of aircraft (airplane/helicopter)
    • Number of passengers
    • Body weight of passengers
    • Cargo/luggage weight
    • Copy of ID/passport (it is mandatory for safety purposes)

    Our Services

    Aircraft Sales

    Do you need to sell or buy an aircraft? Charter Flight Panama can assist you during the entire process. We can coordinate and perform a due diligence on the aircraft and a pre-purchase inspection. Local and foreign aircraft for sale. Legal advice available for our clients.

    Charter Flight Services

    Helicopter private flights. Hire a helicopter to fly direct to your beach resort or country house. Helicopter charter flights from the airport right to any island off the Atlantic and Pacific coast of Panama. Also, helicopter transfers are available to any destination in the San Blas Islands. Traveling by helicopter is a great way of getting around Panama and a luxurious way to travel.

    Panama Canal Air Tours

    The Panama Canal is an artificial waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama and is a key conduit for international maritime trade. The Panama Canal is considered, by many, the eighth wonder of the world. This air tour must be in your to-do list when visiting Panama. It normally takes one hour. Panama Canal Air Tours can be conducted in airplanes and helicopters.

    Ferry Flight Services

    Thinking of buying an airplane abroad? We can help you moving the plane to Panama or moving it to another country. Experienced pilots are available for this type of service. We can make the arrangements with the Civil Aviation Authority so this flight can be conducted lawfully and safely.

    Airplane Private Flights

    Charter an airplane to fly direct to the below destinations in Panama.

    • Isla Colon International Airport, Bocas del Toro (IATA: BOC, ICAO: MPBO)
    • Changuinola Capitan Manuel Niño International Airport, Bocas del Toro (IATA: CHX, ICAO: MPCH)
    • Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport, Colon (IATA: ONX, ICAO: MPEJ)
    • Alonso Valderrama Airport, Chitre (IATA: CTD, ICAO: MPCE)
    • Enrique Malek International Airport, David (IATA: DAV, ICAO: MPDA)
    • Scarlett Martinez International Airport, Rio Hato (IATA: RIH, ICAO: MPSM)
    • Ruben Cantu Airport, Santiago (IATA: SYP, ICAO: MPSA)
    • Tocumen International Airport, Panama City (IATA: PTY, ICAO: MPTO)
    • Albrook “Marcos A. Gelabert” International Airport, Panama City (IATA: PAC, ICAO: MPMG)
    • Contadora Airport, Panama (IATA: OTD)

    Hire a private jet to fly direct to both domestic and international destinations. Charter a jet from Panama City to David or any other city/country of the region. Tired of long lines at the airport or you just need more privacy? Chartering a private jet in Panama may be what you are looking for. We offer VIP services such as private security, private transportation, among others.

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